Photographer: Kate Williams


Hi and welcome !


When I was in Canada, shooting The 4400, an eon ago,

a really cool guy called Chiko helped me build a website.

This was pre-iPhones, when 50 Cent was singing something

about a Candy Shop and Billy Campbell was on set showing us

all a new thing called "Face Book" . There was no insta, no twitter, no snapchat, no Tiktok. The only access fans had to their fave actors and sports stars,  was through magazines, newspapers and the likes of Letterman. 


The website Chiko and I built, gave me the opportunity to offer fans a behind-the-scenes taste of an actor's life - what we get up to between gigs, how we 'keep it together', how we keep curious. Because actors are always into other things- from knitting to painting to writing to martial arts to cooking to decoupage (yes, really!) etc upon etc. It was a place where I could introduce my brilliant co-stars, awesome directors and inspiring crew folk - a place to talk about our fave films, books, music, art, poetry. 

Then one day, without warning, the domain name of my website expired. And, it transpires, someone else had 'snapped it up' . (It was actually my name so- gawd knows how useful it would have been to them!)

They kindly offered to 'sell it back to me'  but at an insane 

asking price. Not to be extorted, I made like Elsa and

 "Let it go". 

Cut to 2021. Everyone is on twitter,  insta, fb or

YouTube, including me. There are no 'behind the

scenes'  left to reveal. Is a website still of any use?

Truthfully, I'm not sure. But a fave motto of mine

is: "where once there was nothing, now there is



Let's see if there's a something we can build here,

over time. 

Happy days and with very much gratitude